The Power of Good Photography

By May 10, 2011 No Comments

Sometimes nothing’s better at grabbing your audience’s attention and illustrating your message than a photograph. So where do we get that perfect image for your piece? We have three options, and each has its place depending on the job.

  1. Stock Photography

    When time is money and budget matters, we often opt for stock photography. These are ever growing collections of existing images for sale. More often than not we can find an image to compliment a design.

  2. Professional Photographer
    Sometimes a generic image just won’t cut it. When you need a particular person, place, thing or concept to speak your message, we use a professional photographer for complete creative control. In the interest of time and money, we have a photographer on staff to quickly fulfill the needs of a design. See samples here.
  3. Client Files
    Yes, you just might have the images we need. No, not one your sales rep took with his digital point and shoot. Quality is critical to the impact an image makes. If you are unsure of the quality/resolution of an image, see this article, “Why web images don’t work/file resolution.”