Designing for the web vs. print

By March 20, 2012 No Comments

The continued growth and evolution of the web and social media puts a greater focus on good design. When clients first started moving to the web, sites tended to be online versions of organization brochures. Content was static and not interactive, and web developers often ended up doing web design. Today, with web 2.0 and beyond, sites are filled with dynamic content and interactive elements. The focus is no longer on just “what do you want to convey to the reader” but also “what does the reader want to do with this site”.  

Print design continues to be a necessary element, but can be limited by the size of the page. The web offers unlimited space to convey as much information as necessary. We like to work together with our web designers and developers to create complementary looks for all media.  

Often, the print piece will be the foot in the door to pique interest and drive traffic to the web where the whole story can unfold. Our sister company, Upstream Communications, continues to develop highly interactive and customizable websites for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. For our clients we will establish the creative direction and look, then let Upstream make it work. We still love designing print work, but we are always excited about the possibilities of email and the web.

Let us know next time you have an online project and we will get to work.